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Threaded Ed.9 'The Pick 'N' Mix Issue'

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This edition sees us collaborating with practitioners and designers from Supply, Creature, Strategy Advertising & Design, Ghostpatrol & Miso and F4 expanding our network of contributors who directly and indirectly express the 'Pick 'n' Mix' theme from Ed.9 through their profiles.

For Threaded Ed.9, the Pick 'n' Mix issue we pulled out all the stops: picked up the pieces, picked up speed, picked up steam, picked up the ball and ran with it, picked up the slack, and even picked up the tab in some cases. But if you don't like our mix 'n' match, or have mixed feelings, then don't mix your words - pick a bone with us, pick us to pieces but, whatever happens, don't get lost in the mix. Unless of course you want to, that is. Because, if you're really serious about this, you have to pick 'n' mix 'em as you see 'em…


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